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Patrick Sowa

Patrick Sowa



Department für Anglistik und Amerikanistik
Schellingstraße 3 (RG)
80799 München

Room: 427 VG
Phone: +49 (0)89 2180-5500

Office hours:

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Further information

Curriculum vitae

From 2005 to 2011, Patrick Sowa studied English and History at the University of Passau to become a teacher at a grammar school and graduated with the first state examination. He also spent time at a college in the US, where he could combine his passion for the English language with working together with teenagers in fields such as physical education or teambuilding activities.

In 2014 Patrick Sowa successfully completed the second phase of teacher training and started gaining experience at Bavarian Grammar schools as well as at a FOS/BOS school. Since 2016 he has been part of the team at a small grammar school near Munich and therefore his university teaching position is an additional assignment.

In his PhD project he works on combining digital teaching and learning with student-centered methods.

Areas of interest

  • Acquisition of English as a foreign language
  • Teacher education and professionalization
  • Teaching literature and culture
  • Digital teaching and learning


  • WÜ Creating Tests - Blockseminar (summer term 2024)
  • WÜ Media-assisted Foreign Language Learning in Lesson Planning (summer term 2024)
  • Grundlagen der Fremdsprachendidaktik (winter term 2023/24)
  • WÜ: Teaching Literature in the EFL Classroom (winter term 2023/24)
  • Theorie und Praxis der Unterrichtsgestaltung für Englisch mit/ohne Praktikum GY, RS (multiple terms)
  • WÜ: Crime and Dystopian Literature in the EFL Classroom (summer term 2023)
  • HS SLA Research II: Teaching Grammar and Vocabulary (multiple terms)
  • Lektürekurs: Current Issues in EFL Education (multiple terms)
  • WÜ: Teaching Beyond the Textbook (winter term 2022/23)
  • WÜ: Authentic Material in the EFL Classroom (summer term 2022)
  • WÜ: Culture and Language in Songs, Texts and Films (summer term 2022)
  • WÜ: A Fun Approach: How to Enhance Playful Language Learning in the EFL Classroom (winter term 2021/22)