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CLELE Journal

Online Journal for Children's Literature in English Language Education

clele_logo (150x200) CLELEjournal is a bi-annual, comprehensively peer-reviewed online journal for scholars, teacher educators and practitioners involved in using and researching children's literature in the field of English learning as a second, additional or foreign language. The journal investigates children’s literature as an art form, and as a framework with which to connect L2 literature teaching across the school years. The scope covers the affordances of children’s literature for L2 acquisition with pre-school infants through to young adults.



The latest issue of the CLELE journal (Volume 10, Issue 2, November 2022) is now available online, including contributions by Janice Bland, David Valente & Sandie Mourào, Alison Hasegawa et al., Jennifer Thomas et al., Dolores Miralles-Alberola, Ana Cecilia Cad et al., Alan Pulverness and Kirsten Birsak de Jersey.

Previous Issues:

The journal is edited at the University of Munich (LMU), Chair of TEFL. The editors of the CLELEjournal are Janice Bland, Christiane Lütge and Sandie Mourão.

For more information on contributions and submission guidelines, visit the website of the CLELEjournal http://www.clelejournal.org/