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Young Researchers' Network

The conference “Media Literacy in Foreign Language Education” provides a suitable context for founding an international Young Researchers Network that explores the intersection of foreign language teaching/learning, media literacy, and media use in the classroom. We would like to invite all conference participants who are pursuing media-oriented research projects to the inaugural meeting of the Young Researchers Network. At this meeting, we would like to explore

  • the possibilities and potentials of forming a network that connects young researchers (pre/postdoc) under the aegis of a shared thematic interest in media and foreign language education,
  • in what particular ways such a network can provide a support structure for young researchers and their projects in beginning, intermediate or final stages,
  • how this network can enhance international cooperation and exchange among young and more established researchers,
  • how the network can be used as a platform to present and discuss research projects (e.g. at symposia or during international online meetings),
  • in what ways this young researchers network can serve to invite and combine inter- and cross-disciplinary research perspectives.

The thematic focal points of the Young Researchers Network are in sync with the general scope of the conference. We invite pre- and postdoc researchers, both national and international, who work on theoretical, conceptual, methodological and empirical sub-themes regarding media literacy and media use in EFL and foreign language education, including, but not limited to:

  • (Multi)Literacies across modes, texts, media and platforms
  • Mobile learning (MALL), E-learning and CALL
  • Classroom technology and materials: e.g. mobile apps, interactive whiteboards, educational software
  • The changing nature of text and ‘reading’ in the digital age: multimodality, hypertext, interactivity
  • In-roads to literature and culture through digital media
  • Innovations in multimedia: e.g. film, graphic novels, picture books and games
  • Global education, transcultural learning, and sociocultural diversity through media
  • Learner autonomy, differentiation and inclusion with digital media
  • Digital media for learners of different age groups
  • Language acquisition and language competencies in (multi)media settings
  • Implications for teacher education, educational policies and curricula
  • Digital epistemologies and critical approaches to media use in EFL.

The inaugural meeting will take place:

Date: 14th March 2017
Time: 14:30 – 15:45
Place: Senatssaal, LMU Hauptgebäude

For further questions or queries regarding the young researchers' network, please contact Thorsten Merse: t.merse@anglistik.uni-muenchen.de


Logo GS L&LThe Young Researchers' Network is supported by the LMU Graduate School Language and Literature Munich.