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To help conference delegates organise their accommodation, a certain number of rooms have been reserved in the following hotels close to the venue. When you wish to make a reservation at any of these hotels, please find the contact details for each hotel below. To benefit from the advantageous conference rates, please cite the code "Global Education" and book your accommodation directly with the hotels instead of using online platforms. The prices listed include breakfast. Please note that after January 15th any rooms that have not been booked will be made available to other guests.


Hotel Hauser "An der Universität"
Schellingstraße 11
D-80799 München
Tel.: +49-89-2866750
Fax: +49-89-28667599
E-mail: info@hotel-hauser.de
(single room: 89€ per night / double room: 121€ per night)

Hotel Leopold
Leopoldstraße 119
D-80804 München
Tel.: +49-89–367061
Fax: +49-89–36043150
E-mail: hotel-leopold@t-online.de
(single room: 115€ per night / double room: 132€ per night)

Hotel Antares
Amalienstraße 20
D-80333 München
Tel.: +49-89-2800200
Fax: +49-89-2800222
E-mail: hotel@antares-muenchen.de
(single rooms for 87,88€ or 92,50€ per night / double room: 93,50€ per night)

Das HOTEL in München
Türkenstraße 35
D-80799 München
Tel.: +49-89-2881400
Fax: +49-89-28814049
E-mail: info@das-hotel-in-muenchen.de
(double rooms for 110€ or 120€ per night; for single use: 90€ or 110€)

Pension Carolin
Kaulbachstrasse 42
D-80539 München
Tel.: +49-89-345757
E-mail: info@pension-carolin.com
Website: www.pension-carolin.com
(double room for 120€ per night; for single use: 85€)

Fleming’s Hotel München-Schwabing
Leopoldstraße 130-132
D-80804 München
Tel.: +49 89 83 93 290
E-mail: muenchen@flemings-hotels.com
(single rooms for 112€ and 132€; double rooms for 145€ and 165€)

InterCityHotel München
Bayerstraße 10
D-80335 München
Tel.: +49 89 444440
(single rooms 109€ and 139€; double rooms for 136€ and 166€; when you book with this hotel, please quote the code S/LMU19)