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TEFL Media Certificate

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Meeting the challenges and harnessing the opportunities that digitalisation and modern media pose to language learning is one of the key aims being pursued by the Chair of TEFL in its teacher education programme.

The TEFL Media Certificate provides students with both a theoretical foundation as well as practical knowledge in ELT-specific areas concerning medial and digital aspects, such as:

  • using web-based applications, blogs, wikis, social networks
  • expanding coursebook content with audiovisual and digital materials and tasks
  • exploring digital narratives and their potential for literary learning
  • employing mobile devices and interactive whiteboards

Hence, the certificate furthers professional development by fostering dimensions of media and digital literacy that are most relevant for future language teachers.

The TEFL Media Certificate may also serve as one module in the larger qualification program offered by the Kompetenznetzwerk Medienbildung und Digitalisierung. Here, it fulfils the 15 unit requirement (Arbeitseinheiten) in the free selection (freier Bereich) category of the qualification program: 



Students follow the three steps explained below to obtain the TEFL Media Certificate.

Step 1

Students participate in the following events offered through the TEFL-Lab Programme:

  • 2x Media workshops (Digital Tools & Apps, Film & Audiovisual Media) which are accessible through Moodle (TEFL Lab Online: Tutorials and Resources, Password: MediaCertificate). 
  • 4x TEFL-Lounges or Guest Lectures with a focus on digital media. WiSe 22/23: UNI-Klasse Talks & TEFL Lounges. Please note that it will likely take at least two semesters to fulfill all of the guest lecture requirements.

Participation must be documented by a member of staff or student assistant at the Chair of TEFL. For online guest lectures, notify the TEFL secretary and ask to send you an email confirmation that you were present. For the Moodle media workshops, please notify the student assistant Nikola Marsch Nikola.Marsch@campus.lmu.de of your completion. You will then receive a confirmation of your participation via mail.

Step 2

Afterwards, students complete a self-study unit and reflection task on Moodle, which draws on the events that you took part in.

To do this, sign up for the Moodle course titled „TEFL Media Certificate“ (Password: TEFL2018) and follow the instructions given there. The completed self-study unit and reflection task have to be uploaded to Moodle, together with the confirmation of your participation in the different events.

Step 3

Once the uploaded documents have been assessed, students will be informed and can collect their certificate in the TEFL secretary’s office (429 VG) during regular office hours.

 With questions concerning the TEFL Media Certificate, please contact Nikola Marsch Nikola.Marsch@campus.lmu.de.