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One-off Teacher Training Event

Erasmus+-funded project DiCE.Lang goes public for the first time. A one-day teacher training event with keynotes and a workshop await!


dice-lang_colour_btOne-day Teacher Training Event to take place at LMU

EU-funded project DiCE.Lang invites teachers to participate in first-out project presentation

On February 2nd 2022 the Chair of TEFL at the LMU Munich and her four European partner universities and institutions will jointly hold a teacher training event that will feature keynotes, a presentation on the project of DiCE.Lang itself as well as a workshop for in-service teachers.

Under the aegis of Prof. Dr. Ana Raquel Simoes and with the professional help of Prof. Dr. Lütge's team, the researchers at the University of Aveiro, Portugal have compiled a rich programme for teachers in any phase of their professional life - be they students, preparation service teachers or in-service teachers.

In the morning the partners will simultaneously kick off the event at 8am for Aveiro, Portugal and Limerick, Ireland; 9am for Munich and Siena, Italy as well as 10am for Riga, Latvia. After words of welcome there will be two keynotes by notable experts: Vítor Tomé will speak about how to develop Digital Citizenship Education from theory to actionable output and Christian Ollivier will shed light on how to promote the development of citizens as users of languages and digital technology in language education.
Following the keynotes the DiCE.Lang researchers will present the project itself and give insight into its internal structure and Intellectual Output o2 - Open Educational Ressources (OERs).

After a screen break some partners will host workshops for in-service teachers to critically assess exemplary OERs in the afternoon. Due to organisational reasons some DiCE.Lang partners will host said workshops only two weeks later. The concluding discussion will thus take place within the local workshops participant groups.

In-service teachers from Bavaria can register for the event via FIBS. Please visit the official project website where you can also register using this form.