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Dr. Dorottya Ruisz, MA

Dr. Dorottya Ruisz

Postdoc Researcher


Room: 427 VG
Phone: +49 (0)89 2180-5552

For office hours, please visit the Anglistik department staff profiles.

Areas of interest
History of English language teaching
English language teaching and politics
Research methodology in foreign language education

Curriculum vitae
Dorottya Ruisz attained experience in the field of foreign language teaching both from doing research in ELT and from everyday classroom practice. Currently she is a research fellow in TEFL at the English Department of LMU Munich; she has been on secondment from secondary school teaching since February 2017 and holds a permanent teaching post in Bavaria. Her position at the university follows a three-year stay in London where she taught English, History and Poltics at the German school as well as taking parental leave. Before her stay in London, Dorottya completed her doctorate at LMU Munich in 2013 finishing a five-year long part-time secondment from school teaching. During this period, she spent half of her working hours lecturing at the university. The thesis (subsequently published in print by Waxmann academic publishers, 2014) and its defence were both awarded the highest distinction (summa cum laude). Dorottya’s teacher training was completed in 2007 with the second state examination for Bavarian Gymnasien (grammar schools). She studied English and History at LMU Munich, where she obtained a Master’s degree in Modern English Linguistics in 2004. In 2001/2002, when she was an undergraduate, she spent a year in Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland, working as a German foreign language assistant at secondary level.

Doctoral thesis and research award
Dorottya Ruisz’ research focused on English language teaching in Bavaria after World War II, at a time when school subjects and curricula were re-establishing themselves following the collapse of Nazi Germany. The influence of the US occupying power on shaping the school curriculum was examined in her research. Dorottya also investigated the extent to which English was used as a platform for implementing re-education policies with central goals of developing democracy and international understanding. Dorottya Ruisz received the Bavarian American Academy Award for her research work.


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  • (2006) “Bias in newspaper discourse: The Second Gulf War”. Sprache & Sprachen 33/34, 98–117.

Contributions at academic conferences and invited lectures

  • (2015) (with Britta Hufeisen) Chairing of the panel Curriculum at the bi-annual conference of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Fremdsprachenforschung at Pädagogische Hochschule Ludwigsburg.
  • (2014) Presentation of a paper on culture in the English language classrooms of post-war Germany as well as organisation and chairing of a panel (with Felicitas Sharp) at the conference Connecting cultures? An international conference on the history of teaching and learning foreign/second languages at the University of Nottingham.
  • (2014) Invited lecture “Working with sources in ELT historical research” at the University of Warwick.
  • (2013) Presentation of an overview of the doctoral research at the AHRC Workshop Modern Language Education Histories in Europe: How National Traditions Differ and Correspond (pre-workshop event) at the University of Warwick.
  • (2013) Invited lecture “Englischunterricht im 20. Jahrhundert” at the University of Regensburg.
  • (2010, 2011) Presentations of papers about the doctoral research at conferences held in Augsburg, Berlin and Hamburg organised by the academic and professional organisations Deutsche Gesellschaft für Fremdsprachenforschung and Gesamtverband Moderne Fremdsprachen.