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UNI-Klasse Moderne Fremdsprachen

The TEFL and Romanistik departments are pleased to announce the launch of the UNI-Klasse Moderne Fremdsprachen.


20-02-21-uni-klasse-teaserbildThe UNI-Klasse Moderne Fremdsprachen is a joint QLB-funded project undertaken between the TEFL (Prof. Dr. Christiane Lütge) and Romanistikdidaktik (Prof. Dr. Kurt Hahn) departments at the LMU.

The UNI-Klasse’s primary objective is to foster cooperation projects between practicing language teachers in Munich and university seminars in foreign language education. These cooperation projects are designed to leverage opportunities to explore innovative teaching and learning practices and to facilitate further opportunities for our teaching students to engage in reflective practice.

For more information, please see the UNI-Klasse Flyer and the UNI-Klasse Homepage.