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New issue of "Praxis Fremdsprachenunterricht" on digital learning

With contributions by the TEFL team


The latest issue of the practice-oriented ELT magazine "Praxis Fremdsprachenunterricht" (04/2018) addresses the potentials and challenges of digital learning in foreign language education - a timely and innovative, yet often controversially debated topic. Prof. Dr. Christiane Lütge, Dr. Thorsten Merse, Dr. Petra Rauschert, Max von Blanckenburg, Claudia Owczarek and Michelle Stannard of the LMU TEFL team have contributed articles to this issue, including:

  • foundational perspectives on digital learning in the foreign language classroom,
  • digital games,
  • mobile learning,
  • digital narratives and literature apps,
  • 'produsing' digital texts,
  • authoring tools.

"Praxis Fremdsprachenunterricht" is published by Oldenbourg.