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The Praxis of Diversity - with contributions by Prof. Dr. Christiane Lütge and Dr. Thorsten Merse


Praxis of Diversity

Edited by Christoph Lütge, Christiane Lütge and Markus Faltermeier

Palgrave Macmillan

With a contribution by Christiane Lütge and Thorsten Merse: "Approaching Diversity in Education: Pedagogic and Queer Perspectives"

From the blurb:

This edited collection brings together experts from various disciplines to engage critically with diversity theory, diversity politics, and their practical application.. Accordingly, the volume provides a provocative discursive space, where the key theoretical as well as practical problems of diversity in business, institutions and culture can speak to each other and can be assessed. The aim is to bridge the gap between two relatively distinct discourses: the discourse on practical applications of diversity concepts and the discourse on theoretical approaches to diversity. This selection of articles delivers the first step towards achieving this goal. Approaching diversity from a business perspective, the chapters discuss its ramifications on democratic institutions and theory, as well as point to its relevance in didactic and educational settings.