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Munich Lecture in TEFL

This year's Munich Lecture in TEFL will be held by Prof. Fiona Copland, Scotland, on Tuesday 5 Feburary 2019, 04:00 p.m. She will speak on "Teaching English to Young Learners: Six Challenges in Search of Solutions"


Prof. Fiona Copland will come to Munich from the University of Stirling in Scotland, where she works as a Professor of TESOL in the Faculty of Social Sciences. Her research and teaching expertise lies mainly in the areas of pre-service teacher education, teacher feedback, linguistic ethnography and teaching English to younger learners. Fiona Copland's most recent publication is The Routledge Handbook of Teaching English to Young Learners, published together with Sue Garton in 2018.

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English is being introduced globally to children at increasingly lower ages in state and private schools. Recent research has identified a number of key challenges that teachers face in the young learner classroom as a result of these new policy directives (Copland et al. 2014). This presentation will introduce 6 of these challenges and, drawing on chapters from The Routledge Handbook of Teaching English to Young Learners (Garton and Copland, 2018), it will suggest some tentative solutions.