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Graz conference

Prof. Lütge and members of the Chair of TEFL will hold a symposium on the topic of "Crossovers: Digitalization and Literature in Foreign Language Education" at the conference "Language Education Across Borders" to be held at Graz University in Austria (8-10 December 2017).


This symposium is part of the larger conference "Language Education across Borders", which will take place at the Austrian Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz. The major theme of the conference is to explore crossing borders in the various disciplines that inform the profession of language education. In their symposium, Prof. Christiane Lütge, Dr. Thorsten Merse, Claudia Owczarek and Michelle Stannard seek to discuss and (re)negotiate theoretical, conceptual and practical perspectives on digital literature and its associated literacies.

For further information, please visit the conference website.