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New ERASMUS+ project: Digital Citizenship Education and Foreign Language Learning

The Chair of TEFL has received an ERASMUS+ grant for its transnational project DiCE.Lang – Digital Citizenship Education and Foreign Language Learning

15.10.2020 – 31.10.2023

Prof. Dr. Christiane Lütge and her team from the Chair of TEFL at LMU have received a project grant from the ERAMUS+ programme Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education, a programme designed to develop and share innovative practices and promote cooperation, peer learning, and exchanges of experiences. The grant will be shared with partners from the University of Limerick, University of Latvia, University of Aveiro, and Siena Italian Studies.

The aim of the three-year-project is to strengthen the profile of Digital Citizenship Education (DCE) vis-à-vis foreign language education. Digital Citizenship Education seeks to empower younger citizens to participate actively and responsibly in a digital society and to foster their skills of using digital technologies effectively and critically. In order to facilitate the implementation of DCE in curricula across Europe, subject-specific solutions are required which, at the moment, are still lacking. This would include a thorough adaptation of DCE principles and objectives into foreign language education.

DiCE.Lang will conceptualize how DCE can best be implemented in foreign language education by developing four intellectual outputs:
(1) a survey to research teachers’ knowledge, skills and attitudes related to DCE, which will later be turned into a tool for teachers’ professional self-reflection;
(2) a comprehensive set of open educational resources available in English and additional European languages;
(3) a teacher training package for DCE in foreign language education providing various scalable opportunities for professional development;
(4) a new policy framework serving to guide adaptable implementations of DCE in foreign language education in local and national educational contexts across Europe.