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"Digitale Bildung - Zwischen Hype und Hybris"

The report of this teacher training day by the Münchener Zentrum für Lehrerbildung (MZL) is now available online


The Münchener Zentrum für Lehrerbildung organised a teacher training day on the theme of digital education between hype and hubris. The report of this training day is now available online at the MZL website.

This event was also the concluding event of the first QLB-funded phase of Lehrerbildung@LMU. It offered teachers and teacher students a range of talks and workshops that explored a state-of-the-art focus on digital education in research and teaching practice.

The Chair of TEFL contributed with a workshop on 'digital teaching ideas to go' (Stehcafé zum digitalen Lernen im Englischunterricht - Innovative Unterrichtsideen to go, workshop 11).

mzl jahrestagung 2018